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Backup GBA Flash Carts will let you play Gameboy Advance, GBC roms, NES, SNES roms, Z80, Chip8, PCEngine games on GAMEBOY ADVANCE or NDS.

New microSD flash card adapter kit for Nintendo 3DS games. Unlike most other 'compatibe' R4 cards that play NDS roms and DS Homebrew on the N3DS GATEWAY 3DS can actualy run 3DS ROM backups! www.GW3DS.com

gateway 3ds multi game cart

Gateway3DS uses the same 3DS ROMs that have been released for future use with emulators or simple archiving. No patches or hacks needed to run them, so you can just google or go to 3DS ROM.com and download the 3ds roms torrent that you would like to play!


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Most popular Nintendo ROMs ranked by the number of search/hits on the site. + Pokemon emulator App for iPhone, Android apk full version download.

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Other popular games and sytems ppl are willing to download from net.

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By far the most popular and most downloaded Nntendo rom files in the world are SNES roms. They are alo reffered to as Super Nintendo Roms or Free SuperNES and super nes games. Ppulaity of this rather old Nintendo video game system is do the high quality of video games, nostalgia of the games that are now in their 20th and also important - great snes emulators that and play games even better than on the original Hardware. Emulators like ZSNES feature all SNES screen modes as well as add/sub transparencies in 16 bit graphics mode, mosaic effects, Super FX emulation (Star Fox, etc), DSP1 emulation (Mario Kart, etc), C4 emulation (MegaMan X2/3), real time saving, and a really great GUI which lets you configure the emulator to your heart's content. Interpolated stereo sound will really blow you away! Supports for super nintendo mouse, and has a slew of other options as well including movie recording and modem to modem netplay! zbattle net is a multi-player service for ZSNES. zbattle net uses a centralized server, which means everybody using it will be able to join your game.

Nintendo Emulator Card


2nd place in the Nintendo Top Rom downloads is taken by GBA roms. Also reggered to as Gameboy Advance Rom, GB Advance and GBA SP ROM or simpley Download Gameboy Roms al is the same thing. Gameboy Advance has seen many Super NES games ported to it and it has only helped its success. Has to be noted that GBA ARM7 processor is more powerful than the one that was used in in SNES and this anables Gameboy to run 3D games that older nintendo sytems could not handle. The most popular emulator for gba is VirtualBoy Advance - VBA which after it's code was released into public domain has finally started to emulate mutiplayer link cable in VBALink version of this emulator that makes trading pokemons in pokemon roms possible.

3. N64 ROMS

Nintendo 64 roms. N64 roms free download nintendo 64 resident evil 2 emulators and roms n64 nba live 99 n64 pokemon rom

Nintendo DS Emulator & DSi - NDS Emu

NDS emu is Nintendo DS and DSi ROM emulator that was released right after NDS came out. It emulates the Gameboy Advance part of the DS and limited DS Lite support. Play SNES roms on DS at full speed with lolSnes emulator.


Gateway3DS Nintendo 3DS Flash Card - adapter for running 3DS roms from microSD cards.


Gameboy Advance Roms

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NES roms free super nes roms download emulator roms and emulators donkey kong fire emblem mac rpg download. pokemon roms ruby sapphire fire red gba roms pokemon stadium free saphire gameboy poke gold game boy leaf green.All of this brought to you By NINTENDOiDS ™ 

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