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New microSD flash card adapter kit for Nintendo 3DS games. Unlike most other 'compatibe' R4 cards that play NDS roms and DS Homebrew on the N3DS GATEWAY 3DS can actualy run 3DS ROM backups! www.GW3DS.com

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Gateway3DS uses the same 3DS ROMs that have been released for future use with emulators or simple archiving. No patches or hacks needed to run them, so you can just google or go to 3DS ROM.com and download the 3ds roms torrent that you would like to play!


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I researched a lot about hardware while working on DuoS. I had to refer to the documents about No$GBA and played with DevKitPro. I also reviewed how the developers behind DeSmuME designed their GPU. I loved how they were able to save time with it. I also copied the codes that I've used on previous emulators that I worked on. Fortunately, they are all saved up in my laptop.

Even if I tested the emulator on my AMD athlon 3500+ Single core that works at 2.2 gHz, it still works faster than the DeSmuMe I've tried. This is all despite how weak the specs of this computer are. A gamepad would have certainly helped. Since I didn't use any filters at all and the resolution requirements are higher than what the PC is capable of, it didn't make the game fun at all. I tried playing Phantasy Star Zero. I played it well except for some problems with its sound. There are also some video issues while running FMV but they were alright. The emulator would have improved a lot if it had more features. It would have really helped if there was gamepad support. A touchpad support is also necessary because Phantasy Star Zero needs this feature.

+ Desmume Nintendo DS Emulator

Since I already have the No$GBA emulator with its No$Zoomer feature, I'll stick to it. Considering how this is a first release, it has done well. If added with some new features, it would probably rise to our expectations for an emulator. I would really like it if there would also be a top and bottom screen so I can use my dual monitor setup.

+ Pokemon emulator for iPhone iOS app and Android version download.

The emulator is usually assessed by the number of games that are compatible with it. The more games it can run, the better. Although the catalogue of DS games is already big and is still growing as well as the catalogue of GBA games, there's no need to worry about you not enjoying many of them if you have NO$GBA. It has great compatibility with a lot of games for GBA and DS.

+ Download No$GBA emulator latest version.

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DualiS NDS ROM Emulator

If you want to install the DualiS, you can surely do so. You first need to download the emulator installer. Thereafter, simply extract the RAR file and place it in a folder. Once done, double click on the program and choose a folder so you can change the default settings. C-> Program Files ->.  You can also select a graphics renderer that should come with some settings to play better. Once completed, you can then begin browsing and running the DS ROM file.

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Gateway3DS Nintendo 3DS Flash Card - adapter for running 3DS roms from microSD cards.

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